What you need to know about Florida’s caribbean Islands map

In an effort to show the full extent of the damage from Hurricane Irma, the Florida Department of Transportation announced a new map showing where residents can find shelter in the Sunshine State.

The map, released Thursday, shows Florida counties along the Florida peninsula with the counties of Fort Pierce, Miami, Brevard, and Pinellas, along with the mainland, as well as some isolated areas.

The county maps are only available to residents who are eligible to receive them.

The Florida Department is urging anyone with a vehicle to get out as soon as possible.

The state has a disaster declaration for the Florida Keys and the Florida Panhandle, but there are no specific locations listed on the maps.

The maps were put together by the Florida Highway Patrol.

The department said it’s trying to identify as many residents as possible as possible before the storm comes ashore.

There’s also no indication when the maps will be made public.