Why the Georgia outage map isn’t getting the attention it deserves

Georgia is experiencing an outage map outage, and it’s not helping its citizens get the message.

A new outage map released by Georgia’s Department of Public Safety says the state is experiencing a 1.3 million gigabyte (GB) data rate outage.

The map shows a small blue area that’s not showing up in the Georgia map.

The red and yellow dots show data rates that Georgia can charge customers for certain services.

The outage map also doesn’t show how many customers are affected by the outage.

We’ve reached out to the Department of Safety for comment.

The outage map is being released at a time when Georgia is in the midst of a major outage.

A day after Gov.

Nathan Deal signed an emergency spending bill that will give emergency responders more money to deal with a massive data crisis, the Department has said the Georgia data outage map could be used to pinpoint exactly where people should turn to for help.