‘What you need to know about Tennessee’: Who’s who in the GOP battle for Tennessee’s governorship

The Republican National Committee has hired an outside firm to analyze the 2016 presidential election in Tennessee, which is a key battleground state in the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The research firm, the GOP National Committee’s Tennessee Partnership, was hired by the RNC in October to conduct an analysis of the 2016 election in the state and the candidates.

The firm, called the Tennessee Political Analytics Project, will be led by the firm of David Greenberg, who also worked for the RNC.

“We’re very excited to be working with the RNC, and to provide some insight into the state of the race in 2016,” said Mike Baca, the RNC’s Tennessee chairman.

“Tennessee is an incredibly important battleground state for our party and we look forward to furthering this partnership with our state partners.”

The firm will be paid $50,000 to $75,000 by the GOP.

The RNC said it hired Greenberg in August to examine how Republican candidates performed in key battleground states in the 2016 cycle.

The consulting firm will work with the GOP’s statewide office and local chapters across Tennessee to help them plan for the 2018 midterm elections.

“This effort will be done in conjunction with the Republican National Campaign,” said Dan Rolston, communications director for the Republican Party of Tennessee.

“The Republican Party will continue to help the state prepare for the midterm elections and will provide advice on how we can better leverage our strengths to win.”

The RNC, which began its effort to focus on the 2016 race in Tennessee in August, has been working closely with the state’s Republican Party to develop strategies for the 2020 election.

Earlier this month, it hired the firm to conduct a statewide survey of the state that was focused on demographics, voting patterns, and election administration.

The poll was released just days after the RNC released a poll of Tennessee voters, which found that 70 percent of Tennesseans would back a GOP candidate for governor in 2020.

The polling also showed that nearly half of voters in the Tennessee primary had a negative view of Trump, while just over a third said they supported a Democrat.

Greenberg and the RNC will also work to identify the states most critical swing states for the GOP in 2020, which the party has focused on in the past.

Greenberg will also provide research on voter turnout, the 2016 campaign, and how Republicans can target their state-based candidates for 2018.

The DNC also hired the consulting firm, which will be tasked with the project’s research and analysis.

Greenberg’s contract with the DNC is to “conduct research on state-level electoral outcomes, key demographic and turnout indicators and how they affect Democratic and Republican candidates and policy agendas in the 2018 election cycle.”