When do you want to know when the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

Ireland will celebrate the end of the pandemic with a ‘Covid Map of the World’ to be unveiled at the State of the Nation Address.

The new digital map will allow citizens to track the progress of the coronavirus outbreak and the global spread of the virus.

It will be displayed on the official state map of Ireland and will be available to download from the state’s official website.

It is hoped the data will be used by researchers and public health officials as they continue to identify new coronaviruses and new pandemic threats.

Dr Brian Farrell, director of the Department of Community Health and Social Care at Mayo Clinic, said the data would provide the public with a “better understanding of the extent of the threat from the coronivirus, and the potential to prevent the spread of COVID.”

The new COVID map will help identify trends in COVID transmission, which will help us prepare for future events such as the pandemics in the future,” he said.

The State of The Nation Address is the last sitting of the State, as well as the Minister of State for Social Protection and Health, will take place on Sunday, October 5.

A state of the nation address will be held on October 10.

Irish Independent