What are the top maps in Africa?

Map: What are Africa’s top maps?

1: The continent is divided into four major sub-regions, but the main one, the continent of Africa, lies in sub-Saharan Africa.

The continent comprises a total of 567 million square kilometres.

2: The Sahara is the largest continent, covering a region of almost 11,000 square kilometres of land.

3: The Sahel is the most fertile land in the world, with over 90 per cent of the Sahara Desert covered by fertile land.

4: The Amazon Basin is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, covering over 25 per cent, and is home to more than 1.3 million square km of rainforest.

5: Africa is home, by far, to the most biodiversity in the known universe.

6: The African continent contains more than 30 million species of animals, and of these, more than 200,000 are threatened or endangered.

7: The total area of the continent is almost three times the size of New Zealand.

8: The top 10 maps in the top 10 countries in the African continent.

9: The world’s most populated continent.

10: The number of Africans living in Africa is more than 3.3 billion.