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WASHINGTON – As the Republican National Convention continues in Cleveland, the state’s two Republican senators are making their final push to win over voters before Election Day.

State Sen. Mike Fitzgerald (R-La Crosse) and Republican Sen. Bob Stumpf (R.I.) announced on Monday that they are planning to introduce legislation that would allow voters to request the names of people who are deceased or missing from the state.

“The people of Wisconsin are counting on the state to do the right thing by them, not to be used for political gain, and to help protect the state and the citizens of Wisconsin from a government that is clearly out of control,” Fitzgerald said in a statement.

Stumpf said his bill would provide for a process for requesting the names.

Wisconsin state law requires all registered voters to be able to determine the identity of deceased or deceased relatives.

A person can only be legally required to provide information about a relative if it is required to be provided by law or is needed by the person to perform a governmental function.

Stumps bill, which he said was based on research he conducted in Wisconsin, would require all counties to update their death certificate databases to provide the name of every person who has died in the state, including those who have died since the last year.

The legislation would also require county registrars to provide names of deceased relatives to the state in addition to their official death certificate.

It would be up to the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services to determine whether the names are needed.

“This bill would give people the opportunity to be proactive and make sure their family members are listed on our death certificates,” Stumpfs office director, Brian Schmucker, said in an email.

Stummf is a former Wisconsin governor and has been in the U.S. Senate since 2002.

He has been pushing for a voter ID law, a ban on same-sex marriage and a proposal to make public college free.

He was a Republican candidate for president in 2016.