Rockies will not play in New York City after rainstorms

By KARL PEDERSONAssociated PressThe Denver Broncos said Thursday that they will not travel to New York for the Super Bowl after a thunderstorm caused heavy rain and flooding across much of the city.

In Denver, there was no indication of the number of homes damaged or destroyed, but the number was confirmed by the city’s mayor’s office.

A report in the Denver Post said the area had been inundated with more than 500 feet of rain in 24 hours.

The city is expected to have about 30 inches of rain on Saturday, according to the report.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said he expects to have more than 40 inches of snow and snow showers in his city.

The National Weather Service reported heavy rain overnight in parts of the Denver metro area, including parts of Denver, Denver suburbs and surrounding suburbs.

The storm was moving northbound at about 10 mph and was expected to turn east, with the brunt of the storm hitting the north end of the metro area in the next two to three days, the National Weather Services said.

The storms made a return trip to New Orleans after a week-long hiatus due to a tropical storm, which caused heavy flooding in the city and its surrounding area.