How to fix your broadband internet outage

A $1.5 million US broadband upgrade was delayed by a network failure that caused an outage across the US and the UK, with more than 30 million Australians affected.

Key points:The outage was caused by an error with the US National Broadband Plan, which is used to allocate resources for broadband services in AustraliaThe US National Council of Broadband Networks said the error was caused when an employee mistakenly accessed a website that was part of the National Broadline Plan, meaning a lot of Australians had access to the internet in their home.

“It’s a critical part of our infrastructure, and it’s a mistake that caused this to happen,” NBN Co said in a statement.

“This incident is the first in the US that has caused a significant network disruption in the United States.”

It was not immediately clear if there were any Australians affected by the outage.

The outage is likely to affect Australians who live in states like New York, Massachusetts and Vermont.

It comes just weeks after NBN Co was forced to apologise to customers in the UK after the outage in their state caused them to lose the ability to download data from the internet.NBN Co said the internet outage affected more than 100,000 customers in Australia, including many who are already paying for high-speed broadband, but did not give a figure on how many were affected.”NBNco is currently working with affected customers to resolve the network outage and to determine how to resolve this further,” NBN said.

The National Broadnet Plan is used in Australia to allocate funding to providers for the development and deployment of high-capacity broadband networks in the country.

It also determines the speed of internet access for businesses and households.

The NBN Co statement said that in the first 24 hours of the outage, the company had deployed an “extensive network repair process” that “reduced the network load for customers and increased the network capacity to ensure that the network is resilient”.

“It is important to note that NBN Co has an ongoing commitment to deploying a network upgrade in Australia and will continue to do so,” it said.

“The scope of this upgrade is dependent on the response to the initial outage and the outcome of our ongoing assessment of the impact on Australian businesses and consumers.”