Microsoft’s Wildfire Map Gets a New Look

The Microsoft Wildfire map gets a new look this week as it has more than 20 new species added, including some that were previously not on the map.

Mozilla has updated the map with a more complete view of the wildfires in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

The update includes more than 2,500 species, including nearly 100 new species and 50 previously unknown ones.

Microsoft says the update brings new information about the nature of fires, including the age of a fire, and more detailed information about a wildfire’s size and the impact it is having on human life.

Firefighters can also use the new map to plan firefighting and fire suppression efforts.

In addition, the map includes a new tool for viewing forested areas, with information such as the density and age of forested vegetation.

Microsoft says it has also updated the Microsoft Fire Map to include information about wildfires in the contiguous United States.

This is Microsoft’s third update to the Microsoft WildFire map since the map was first created in 2006.

The first update to it was in 2011, and it was a huge success.

In the next five years, the Microsoft map became the most popular map on the Internet, as well as one of the most accurate.

It was updated again this year, and Microsoft has now added more than 5,000 new species, making it the most comprehensive map on Earth.

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