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Google Maps, the popular online mapping service, is showing a huge spike in popularity in the U.S. as Americans become more used to Google Earth.

Google is showing maps in more states than ever before, according to data released Tuesday by Google.

Google’s map service has increased its usage by an astounding 3.2 million users in the last two years.

More than a third of Google’s maps are now available to the public, while in the past decade, Google’s map application has grown by more than 40 percent, according a Google spokesperson.

In addition to the states where Google Maps is showing the highest growth, the map is showing an enormous spike in the number of people in the United States.

Google has been working hard to expand its services in the country for years, and now we are seeing the service growing even more.

According to Google, the average age of users is now 28, a significant milestone for Google Maps.

More people are entering the map business, and that growth has increased Google’s business.

“Google Maps is helping to fuel growth in the US and around the world,” said John Schmitt, general manager of Google Maps for Americas, in a statement.

“We’re excited to see how our maps continue to drive growth in both our business and user base.”

Google Maps also shows the number and percentage of people living in each state.

More Americans are using Google Maps than ever, and we’ve seen a massive growth in those numbers in the first two years of Google Earth’s existence.