Why you need to get your Irish on (and read about it)

More than 100 years after the first Irish settlers arrived in New York City, the city still looks more like a warren of Irish pubs than a thriving metropolis.

And while many of the country’s iconic pubs and restaurants still serve traditional Irish fare, most of the city’s restaurants, cafes, and other establishments have expanded their menus to include more American fare.

With this in mind, the New York Times recently published a map of the world’s top 20 Irish restaurants, which includes some surprising results.

One of the new additions is an Irish pub in New Orleans, where the Times’ editors picked a list of 40 dishes for diners to try: chicken-fried steak, grilled pork shoulder, macaroni and cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese curds and bacon, and a fried potato dish.

The Times’ editor-in-chief, Julia Angwin, also included a list with a few Irish dishes she found at her own neighborhood pub, the Little John’s Pub in Washington Heights.

It includes a beef-and-cheese dish called a ‘lucht’ (a.k.a.

Irish steak and potatoes), the most popular Irish dish in New England.

The other dishes in the top 20 are made with American ingredients.

And there’s a dish called the ‘Irish steak,’ which is also a popular American dish.

In the end, the Times had a tough time choosing which dishes to include.

While many of these dishes, like the beef and potato, are American, the restaurant list is a mixture of regional and international ingredients.

The list of dishes includes traditional Irish favorites like pork belly, fritters, potatoes, bacon, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and baked eggs, and some dishes from New England, like a potato pie with sausage and onions, or a fried egg and mashed potatoes with bacon.

There are also a few American-style dishes like grilled chicken and fried potatoes, mashed potato, and mashed potato salad.

The most popular American dishes are also on the list.

“Our top 20 list is not based on the quality of ingredients, but on the variety and variety of dishes,” Angwin said in a statement.

“These include Irish dishes that have become more mainstream, like beef and potatoes, or American classics like grilled meat and fried meat.”

Angwin noted that she has been to New Orleans many times.

“I have come back with my family every year to the Irish bar and restaurant,” she said.

Angwin has written a book about her Irish experiences, and the book, Irish American: From Slaves to Pioneers, will be published by St. Martin’s Press in 2017.

“The New York Irish and Irish American community is one of my biggest influences, so I was delighted to see that the Times has included many of our favorite dishes in its top 20,” Angwins said.

“We look forward to sharing it with readers.”