Why you should stop using Microsoft Maps in 2018

The map-making software maker has long been criticized for its inability to accurately depict the country in a way that accurately represents its geography.

The company has also been criticized in the past for not making it easy to navigate the country’s many roads and for its tendency to use outdated, outdated data to create maps.

But the company has now made a major improvement to its map-reading app, Microsoft Maps, which has a new update to fix many of the issues people have been complaining about.

In the new update, Microsoft says the company is changing how it processes the data used to generate the maps, including data used for its map service and its mapping app.

The changes also make it easier to browse maps from Microsoft’s online portal, which lets users search and download maps from the company’s website.

The Microsoft Maps update comes as the company faces a backlash from the U.S. Department of Justice, which is investigating allegations that Microsoft used data to help create its own maps and used it to influence its mapping service.

The DOJ, which says Microsoft violated the antitrust laws by creating maps that mislead consumers and then marketed the maps to them, has accused Microsoft of creating its own “unconscionable and deceptive business practices” to make its maps and services more popular.

In an antitrust lawsuit filed this week, Microsoft alleges that the DOJ is using a flawed analysis of data in order to conclude that the company sold maps to consumers that were based on outdated data.