When wildfires erupt: How Oregon and California are fighting wildfires

After three years of heavy rain, fires in Oregon and the California coast are raging again, this time in a small patch of land on the Oregon coast.

The fires are still relatively small, only about 200 acres (80 hectares), according to the US Forest Service.

But the fire has been fuelled by a combination of dry conditions, drought conditions and strong winds.

The forest service says it has detected the fire in the Santa Rosa National Forest, in northern California, and has asked for assistance from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The fire has burned more than 400,000 acres (110,000 hectares) in just the past week, according to US Forest Services.

More than 2,300 structures have been damaged or destroyed, according the agency.

The fire is burning in a national park in Oregon, where more than 2 million people live, according USGS.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has said the state is “doing everything we can” to protect its residents.

But she has also cautioned against relying on the federal government to manage the fires.