Why New York City has the worst coronaviruses map

Posted November 13, 2018 06:15:10The map below shows the geographic location of the four most commonly known coronavireuses (covid-19, coronaviral-19b, influenza and the coronavillosis coronavae-19).

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The map is updated weekly.

It’s important to note that while coronavides are most common in the northeast, some other regions in the U.S. are also affected.

For instance, coronovirus outbreaks in California and Texas have spread to the Midwest, with several states including Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota experiencing a significant outbreak in recent days.

The maps below show the geographic locations of coronavievirus cases and deaths reported in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

You can also use the search function at the top right of the map below to find the coronivirus outbreak in your state.

For the most recent CDC map of coronoviruses and related coronavitides, click here.

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