How to protect your home from wildfires

On Saturday, the Illini Fire Department will be sending an emergency response team to help fight a massive fire that has scorched a swath of central Illinois and threatened the lives of more than 50,000 people.

The blaze began on Saturday night and has scorching terrain that will require thousands of firefighters to battle the flames.

The Illini are fighting for the state’s largest forest reserve, known as the Illinois Forest Preserve, and have already lost more than 70% of the forest.

In the past few days, the fires have grown and the fire department has struggled to maintain control.

They’re currently battling a new blaze, and it’s unclear if the fire will burn out soon.

The department’s deputy chief, Lt.

Mike Sadowski, said Saturday that a number of factors were contributing to the fires.

There was a shift in fuels over the past couple of weeks, he said.

In addition, more vegetation has been burned.

The weather is also being played a large role in the fire.

Weather conditions are improving over the weekend, he noted, but he didn’t elaborate.

He said that although there is a drought in the area, the department has been able to put out brush fires in the past, and is continuing to do so.

He said that the department is working to put more resources into the fires as the weather improves.

On Saturday, he emphasized the importance of getting your family out of your homes and getting into your car.

Firefighters are advising anyone with pets to leave their homes and stay inside.

They said that while it is important to evacuate pets and pets can be very hot in a fire, they can still leave their pets inside if they have to.

Residents can call 311 to report any problems.

They can also call the Illiniefire dispatch center at (217) 684-6343 to report a suspicious or hazardous fire.

In response to the massive fire, the fire chief issued a press release Saturday that detailed the firefighting efforts the department was undertaking to fight the blaze.