When to expect the next ice storm in the north

The next ice cloud is on the way.

The next storm is coming.

We are getting ready.

It will be a long haul.

The Storm Prediction Center says the storm will be stronger and colder than the last one, and it will be much less severe.

“This is an unusually warm year for this time of year.

We’re not seeing the extreme heat that we’re used to,” said meteorologist Jeff Gannon of the National Weather Service.

The last storm was more than 30 days old when it slammed into the north-central United States.

The next one is expected to be even colder.

The forecast for next weekend’s ice storm is not so clear.

The storm will probably stay away from the areas where there are many heavy rains and wind gusts, so we will see how long that lasts.

The Weather Service has a forecast for Sunday night and into Monday morning, with an increased chance of snow.

A high of 4 to 5 inches is expected.