Why does the Illinois County map have an asterisk next to its county name?

Map makers in the Midwest are scrambling to make sure that their maps are legible in the face of the Flat Earth community’s claims that the globe’s curvature makes it hard to distinguish between a true circle and a map of an ellipse.

“Illinois County maps are the most widely used maps in the world,” said Dave Miller, a member of the Illinois county maps task force.

“There’s a lot of people who work on them.

If you want to know if someone is lying, look at a map that they put on a website.

You can’t trust it.”

In his effort to correct the Flat Earthers, Miller said he’s been looking at all available maps and has made a list of about 10 maps that he believes are “more accurate than others.”

For example, he said the Illinois map shows the flat earth, a point of reference that was created by the Flat-Earthers.

Miller said that the Flat Face map shows a circle.

The Flat Earth map, by contrast, shows a sphere.

“This is the most accurate map of the world that I know of,” Miller said.

“And it’s an accurate map that we have on our website.”

The Illinois map is also one of several maps that the task force has reviewed and deemed to be most accurate.

The map has been used by the U.S. Coast Guard, the United States Geological Survey and the U!


Department of Defense.

Miller said that other maps have also been used.

“The Illinois maps are on the list of the most reliable maps of the Earth,” he said.

Miller is one of a number of state mapmakers who have worked to improve their maps in recent months.

Several other states, including Michigan, have also begun using the Illinois maps.

In recent weeks, Miller has been testing and refining his maps.

He said he used an algorithm to make the Illinois counties map a little more accurate, and he’s used a software program to make other maps that are even more accurate.

Miller told WGN-TV on Friday that he has been using his maps in court cases, and his maps are being used in some of the nation’s largest courts, including the U of S. Supreme Court and the District Court of the District of Columbia.

The Flat Face maps have been widely used for decades by the National Geographic Society.

The maps were used in a 1987 book called Maps of the Universe that said, “The globe is flat, as the Bible says.

That’s the map we’re using.”

The Flat Earth Society has also made several other maps, including one that said that flat Earths flat surfaces made it difficult to see a map.

Miller’s task force is trying to improve its maps to be more accurate and to make them easier to use.

“It’s a good thing to do, because you can see what’s going on if you’re not looking at it,” Miller told the station.

“You don’t have to see it if you want the map to be accurate.

If it’s not accurate, you don’t need to use it.”

Miller said he also hopes to improve his maps by creating a more robust version that can be used in courtrooms, prisons and police departments.

He also said that his maps may one day be used by students in the United Kingdom, which uses maps that don’t use the ellipsoid in the shape of a circle or sphere.