How to use Google Maps to see where you are in the world

Google has rolled out a new feature that allows users to see a map of their location, rather than the Google Maps API.

Users can search for places by heading to a search bar on the map, and then enter a city or town name, such as “Boston, Massachusetts,” and Google Maps will show up as the result.

Users also can type in a city name to see the city as a separate map.

The new feature comes as Google prepares to launch a redesigned Google Maps app for Android in the coming weeks. 

The map will be available to users who are registered users of the Google Play store and a Google+ community. 

Users can search Google Maps for locations in the U.S., Canada, China, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Users will also be able to zoom in on areas that they are currently exploring, and will also have the option to turn off geo-fencing to view maps that are only visible to users in the region. 

Google has not yet provided details on how the feature works.

The new feature was not announced by Google itself, but Google is likely to provide more details at Google I/O this week.

Google Maps is the default location-based navigation service on the web.

It has existed in the Google search engine for years, but has largely been relegated to Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Google’s new feature has been under development for a while, but its rollout has been slow and buggy.

Users in the United States were not notified of the change until last week.

The feature has not been widely tested.