Google is launching a mapping app for Vermont that could change the way cities and neighborhoods are lived in the US

Vermont, California – Google is rolling out a new version of its Maps app that’s focused on cities and towns and can provide new insights into how people live.

The app is called Vermont.

It’s an interactive mapping platform that allows users to explore the places and people in their neighborhood using a map.

The app has a number of different features, including real-time location updates and traffic data from Vermont to give users a better sense of the real-world geography of their city and town.

Vermont has long had a focus on mapping the people, places and environments in its user’s communities, and the company’s CEO, David Perrett, told Business Insider that the new app will allow users to “feel the impact” of their communities and see how they’re doing.

The Vermont app uses a different type of mapping than Google Maps, which is built on the same data from Google Maps.

Google Maps provides an interface to quickly navigate to a specific point in your neighborhood or neighborhood, but it also has a lot of data from places like Vermont about where people live and what they do.

This data allows users a lot more context about how to do things like build a park or put up a fence.

The new Vermont maps app allows users not only to zoom in on specific locations in their neighborhoods, but also to zoom out and look around a lot.

The feature allows users see a lot about their community and the people who live there, and can be very helpful to residents and residents’ businesses, Perrett said.

The new Verton maps app also has some real-estate information that’s not included in Google Maps — like where businesses and homes are located and whether they’re on private or public land.

The company’s goal is to build a more complete map of Vermont and help people better understand where they live.

Vermovermont is currently available for iOS and Android devices, and it will be launched on Google Maps later this year.

Google has been a leader in mapping in the last decade, with a number, including Google Maps on the iPhone, Google Maps in the Google Maps app on Android and a Google Maps service on Apple devices.

Vermont was created in 2013 and focuses on the people and places of Vermo, California.

The Vermont Maps app is available for download in the App Store for Android devices and Google Play for iOS devices.