New York, NY – New York: Marauders Map

New York’s most violent neighborhoods, and one that has not seen much action since it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, are showing signs of life as police focus on a violent gang of teenagers who were thought to be linked to a deadly robbery and a pair of murders.

New York’s New York City boroughs are seeing an uptick in robberies and assaults, and many areas in Manhattan are seeing increases in homicides.

But police say the uptick is likely a result of increased attention from the media and other authorities after a string of high-profile homicides in the last few weeks.

Newark, where an elderly woman was fatally shot and three others were wounded last week, is a prime area of the city for gang activity, but the area is a different story than in other parts of the boroughs, said New York Police Commissioner William Bratton.

The latest gang activity is occurring in a neighborhood known as the “Brooklyn” that has seen a string in shootings, including the murders of a man and his girlfriend and the stabbing of a 21-year-old man.

In New Jersey, authorities said a group of teens attacked a man with a machete on the street, killing him.

And a man was killed by a gang in the Bronx, New York police said.

But a report from the Manhattan district attorney’s office suggests New York is not the only place where gang activity has spiked in recent weeks.

In the last month, at least 11 people have been killed and at least 16 were wounded in shootings across the city, according to a statement from the office.

The most recent victim was killed in Harlem on Thursday, and a second was stabbed and shot in the stomach and head in Brooklyn, the district attorney said.

In Queens, at the corner of Fulton and Jackson Avenues, there have been two murders in the past two days.

One of the victims was shot and killed in his apartment in the 300 block of North Franklin Street, police said, adding that they do not believe the suspect is connected to any of the recent shootings.

In Brooklyn, at 7th Street and Columbus Avenues in the Prospect Park neighborhood, a man died in a shooting early Wednesday, police told the Associated Press.

In Jersey City, at 5th Street near Columbus Avenue, police were investigating a report of a shooting, said Officer Sean Walsh, a police spokesman.

In a separate shooting in Jersey City Wednesday, a 27-year, single mother was shot in her face and body and was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities told the AP.

On Tuesday, a 28-year old man was shot at least twice in the head in the East Village and another man was stabbed in the leg in the same area, police officials said.

Police have said the gangs in the area are mostly teenagers and young adults who have been drawn to the area by the popularity of the music of hip-hop artists.

Police said the number of gang members is still relatively low, but they are looking for any who may be connected to recent gang-related shootings, a trend that began in the summer and has continued through the holiday shopping season.

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