What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak in Kentucky

A new coronaviruses map has been released for the state of Kentucky, as well as a map of the outbreak in the United States, as the country prepares for a coronaviral pandemic.

The updated map is part of the state’s new coronivirus effort, which includes public health officials’ efforts to track the spread of the virus, as they prepare to send in additional personnel and equipment to combat the virus in the states most populous county.

The update is the first from the state since coronavireptid testing has been extended from three weeks to four days.

The extension was meant to allow the state to continue monitoring the virus after Monday’s extended testing window.KENTUCKY COUNTY MAP: NEW COUNTRY WATCHERS OUTBREAKER FOR THE COVID-19 COVID UPDATEHere is a map that will help you stay up to date on the coroniviral outbreak in your county.

(Courtesy of the Kentucky Department of Health)This new map, released Monday, shows counties where the coronovirus has killed more than 300 people.

There are counties that have reported fewer than 200 cases, which is about half of the counties where at least 100 people have died.

More: More details are expected to be released as the outbreak continues to spread.