“Our maps don’t work in Gaza”: Israeli army’s Gaza operations map

In the first weeks of its assault on the Gaza Strip, Israel’s army has been using a map to depict the operation’s military objectives.

The military says the map depicts the area from which Israel intends to launch its ground offensive, while Gaza residents have complained it depicts the territory’s population centers in a misleading manner.

In a press conference Wednesday, the army said it had launched the ground offensive with the objective of destroying Hamas’ command-and-control center and tunnels under the coastal enclave.

The army also said it is targeting the organization’s military infrastructure and infrastructure of terror groups and civilian infrastructure, such as the Gaza sewage system.

While the army has used maps in the past, the maps in this case are a completely new one, and have been developed by an Israeli company called MAPA.

Israel’s military has not released the map.

The maps are part of a series of maps that the Israeli military has released in recent weeks.

The military says it has not launched the first ground operation in Gaza.

In fact, the military has only been using the maps to inform the public on what it plans to do.

This is due to a series the army released earlier this month on the operation in the Golan Heights.